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New Imprint From The Center Press

Premier Novels

Premier Novels is an imprint from The Center Press devoted to continuing a tradition in American Publishing of developing and distributing new literary talent in our community. These independently published first novels by American Authors are produced for readers who are looking for a tight storytelling voice with strong characters and blazing excitement.

American authors have traditionally found a home for their words and stories somewhere in the rich assortment of publishers and independent bookstores we are so famous for. Yet, in recent times, the rush to market only those books which appear to produce blockbuster results within a few months, has severely altered the landscape and choice for American readers. Once, the envy of the world, American publishing is now looked upon as a dry desert, content to produce limp products rather then interesting entertaining stories.

Where do new authors get encouragement for their efforts, and find hope that they may eventually find themselves on the shelf of a curious reader? The independent publishing network is still the only place available. The Center Press is proud of this imprint. We are working with new talent in an effort to help them develop a voice which is independent and strong. These books represent a slice of American life which we hope readers will enjoy.

These books are produced for your literary entertainment and can be found at your local bookstores - independent and major chains - or on the web.

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updated 8/30/08