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Need Help With Your Manuscript?
We offer editorial help with your ideas from concept to final production. Contact us and we would be happy to discuss your ideas. We have helped authors develop marketing material in many different fields including:
        financial planning
        business and entertainment

We can develop a newsletter or brochure for you to help sell your business to your customers.

Give us a call with your project, and we will work together and give you the best presentation available. With over 13 years in the writing and publishing business, we know that we can make your projects stand out in every way.

Need a Design for Your Book, Website, or Company?
Contact us to use our company designer for any of your needs.

Writing a Biography of Your Life?
Your lifestyle is priceless to your family. Let us show you how to make your lifestory a living legacy of words. We can help you bring your thoughts and ideas into a written book to be saved and distributed to your family and friends.  Let your memories live for as long as there is someone to read them.  Contact us at (818) 889-7071 or email us at center@centerbooks.com

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