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Writing for Pleasure

Writing for Pleasure:
Use Of Personal Writing For Personal Growth
by Susan D. Artof

Explore the beauty and simplicity of writing as a means of self expression. This book Includes a section on Life writing as well as sections on the use of poetry, letters and journal writing for personal development.

Learn to use writing to :
1. Find your own untapped creative power.
2. Uncover your family history.
3. Learn to see the world more clearly.
4. Heal unsolved issues
5. Understand your fears.
6. Explore your motivations.

Used in schools and classrooms around the country to help students and writers gain the focus and insight to help them develop both writing skills and self awareness. A great tool to help with character development both personal and professional.

Writing for Pleasure has also been used as a tool for mental health professionals who want to help their clients develop greater awareness and interpersonal understanding. By making use of the journal chapter, readers learn how to write with deep awareness allowing them to increase their ability to relate to others.

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