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Sailing: A Paren't Guide to Junior Sailing

A Parent's Guide to Junior Sailing
by Susan D. Artof

SAILING: A Parents Guide to Junior Sailing is lively and topical with special sections written by experts focusing on program safety, sportsmanship, physical fitness and sports psychology. Chapters explain the special vocabulary of sailing, equipment needs and the national sailing organizations. Parents will learn about the world of both the recreational and the racing sailor. No other book has attempted to collect so much information which parents should know and understand in order to help their children achieve their best in the intricate world of sailing.

A Look Between the Cover:
1. What to Expect
2. Program Quality
3. Vocabulary
4. Sailing Equipment
5. The Race
6. Winning/Losing and Sportsmanship
7. Sports Psychology
8. Sailing Fitness for Kids
9. An Instructor's View
10. Sailing Organizations
11. Youth Championship Racing/Training

Enjoy a 40% discount for 6 or more books ordered for your program! This book is available for $8.37 during Summer 2002 to sailing programs with an order direct from your program. Contact us for information.

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