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-Forgiveness for Forgotten Dreams

-How to Write A Story...Any Story

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Coming Soon!

Running on Empty, Walking on Water
by Susan D. Artof
Coming Soon!

A powerful book of essays and sketches of contemporary life written by an astute observer of human nature. This book was written during a two year period of time between December of 2005 and December of 2007. Ms. Artof divides her work into several sections beginning with a focus on the larger issues affecting the world and gradually works towards a look at technology and community and finally the personal life of the author herself. This unusual structure has allowed Ms. Artof to explore the ironies of life as she experiences it each day. This book is a book written by a writer who loves to write and explore her world wherever she is. In the end we begin to understand why it feels like we are all Running On Empty… Walking On Fire. The world is a crazy place. This book will be published in 2008. We are taking pre-publication orders at this time. For more information and to put yourself on a waiting list, contact us at: center@centerbooks.com.

Why Write This Book?
Words by Susan D. Artof
I have written this book in sections – moving from the world view to the community. I have included sketches and essays on internal passion and external technology. I take the premise that society developed over time and the people in it required technology to give them the powers necessary to create a lifestyle capable of fueling their communities and support their families. This usually creates problems ranging from large global catastrophes, war, environmental break downs to personal relationship meltdowns. Yet, in the end, it is the fundamental passion each individual experiences while living in this social community, that binds us together, as men and women, religious or not, patriotic or isolated. My world view is a product of the inner struggle I experience every day in an effort to make my life worthwhile. I am motivated by the passion to make things happen around me and to create an energy in the world that can somehow ignite others into doing things that matter. I hope that this book is read by those who share a passion for words and the art of verbal communication. In addition, I would be thrilled to know that these words somehow galvanize others into thinking about their own lives and how they fit into the global community they live in. If one person can experience an increase in passion for the general good of others, then this book will have a meaning far beyond its original purpose.


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