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Nobody Drowns in Mineral Lake

Nobody Drowns in Mineral Lake
By Michael B. Druxman.

Mr. Druxman is a master storyteller and screenwriter with several produced plays and screenplays to his credit.  Nobody Drowns In Mineral Lake is his first full length novel to be published. A suspense thriller set in Washington State and influenced from a true story, Nobody Drowns In Mineral Lake moves skillfully from its innocent beginning scene to an electrifying end, taking the reader on an adventure filled road trip with no predictable curves in the highway.
16 years have passed and Jay Barnett returns to the resort town of Mineral Lake with his five year old son, only to find open hostility, anti-Semitism, and terror. This mystery thriller was inspired by true events known to Mr. Druxman from his early childhood where he grew up in the Seattle area and vacationed in the Washington State countryside. The author has masterfully told a shocking story of a community lost in its prejudicial values. Mr. Druxman's characters crackle with emotion while they each seem to play out a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
Jay Barnett eventually learns the lesson "It's Dangerous To Go Home Again..."

Look for other books by Mr. Druxman on our site or contact him directly at Druxy@ix.netcom.com.
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