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Making It In The Business

Making it in the Business:
Avoiding Obstacles And Achieving Your Goals In The Entertainment Industry
By Andrea Hill, Ph.D., MFT

A new book by The Center Press
Influenced by letters written to her while a contributing editor at Drama-Logue Magazine (the leading entertainment industry publication in Southern California), therapist and drama coach Andrea Hill Ph.D., MFT., creates an authoritative in depth advice book on how to overcome many of the roadblocks so common in the entertainment industry. The book is sensitive and practical for anyone interested in succeeding in the entertainment business.
This book provides critical support for actors, directors, musicians, dancers and other performers by showing them ways to manage such key issues as performance anxiety, rejection, call backs, character development, and emotional assessment. In addition, chapters include ways to find a great agent and to deal with casting directors.
As a result of Dr. Hill’s skilled ability to combine her two interests of drama coaching and psychology, this is the only book of its kind to accurately blend psychology with drama advice. This is a unique volume that is easily understood by the reader at many levels. Although written primarily for people interested in the entertainment industry, the information and advice can be helpful to anyone in business. Taking actual life situations, this book explores solutions which resonate with everyone…even those not directly in the entertainment business.
Dr. Hill is known in the drama community in both California and New York through her years in the drama coaching business as well as an actress and musician. This book is a culmination of her work and as such, will find an enthusiastic audience in the community she has served for so long.
Dr. Hill avoids nothing in this brilliant look at the entertainment industry. She sheds light on every corner as a result of her own experience. This book is mandatory for anyone interested in "making it in the business" of life.

Making It In The Business takes real life situations which therapist and drama coach Dr. Andrea Hill Ph.D., MFT uses to explore solutions which resonate with everyone…even those not directly in the entertainment business.
Top agents and casting directors in the industry are saying that Making It In The Business is the most in-depth new publication of its kind.

Table of Contents:
1. Performance Anxiety
2. Rejection
3. Callbacks
4. Getting The Right Agent
5. Stress At The Audition
6. Accessing Emotion
7. Creating Characters With Depth
8. Creating Structure In An Unstructured Business 9. Striving For The Image
10. Cosmetic Surgery
11. Jealous Partners
12. Coming Out
13. Losing The Dream Job
14. Holiday Blues
15. Serious Depression
16. Go Ahead...Make A Change
17. Borderline
18. The Big Decision - When To Give Up
19. Dealing With Anger
20. Superstar Fathers
21. Shadow Syndrom
22. Dyslexia: Its Affect On Your Career
23. Is It Shyness Or Introversion
24. Becoming A Stuntman
25. New York Or L.A.
26. Children In The Biz
27. Cocain Recovery
28. Is It Love?
29. Out Of Contrl Spending
30. Finding A New Path
31. Taking Action

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