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How To Survive Your Hospital Stay

How to Survive Your Hospital Stay
By Judy Burger Crane, R.N.
Illustrated by Jason Young

This book makes you stop just talking about healthcare, and begin getting involved in it! 30,000,000 will be hospitalized this year. This was book was written for everyone who may find themselves in this spot. While most people are poorly prepared to understand and take charge of their own treatment, Judy Burger Crane, RN has written a wonderful small book to help take readers through the step by step journey through the complicated and often frightening world of healthcare, from the time the family doctor or specialist announces that hospitalization is necessary, all the way through to discharge with prescription in hand.
Emphasizes the importance of making educated choices...know your rights to ask and be told.
A major theme of the book is to highlight what the patient can do to secure the best possible recovery!!
Chapters include checklists for use in discussions with physicians, tips on what to pack, and a list of much needed medical terms to help patients and their families prepare for the experience. A comfortable read filled with wonderful illustrations by Jason Young, this book is a pleasure.

Questions this book answers:
-Who can speak for you when you are unable to do so?
-What are your rights as a hospital patient?
-Do you have choices - of doctors and treatment?
-What if you feel you are being discharged too early?
-How do you get reasonable answers to your questions?
-How do you prepare yourself and your family for a trip to the hospital?

Table of Contents: (Just a taste of the book)
1. Good News , Bad News
2. Choices
3. Questions, Questionaires and Other Paperwork
4. What If?
5. The Bottom Line - Who Pays?
6. Countdown
7. 5:00 AM? You've Got To Be Kidding
8. How's That?
9. The Designer Gown and Other Indignities
10. This Won't Hurt A Bit
11. Waking Up Is Not Hard To Do
12. Who Are All These People?
13. Hello Out There
14. Who's In Charge
15. Visitors Guidelines
16. Double Occupancy
17. Children, Babies and Hospitals
18. How Do I Get Out Of This Place?
19. How Can I Ever Thank You? Or Should I?
20. Home Sweet Home

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