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Cheyenne Warrior

Cheyenne Warrior:
The Original Screenplay
With Author Commentary
by Michael B. Druxman

Cheyenne Warrior is the story of a forbidden
inter-racial relationship between a young
pregnant pioneer woman and a Cheyenne
warrior chief wounded by buffalo hunters.
This book includes both the screenplay and an annotated author commentary. The original full length movie was produced by Roger Corman
and starred Kelly Preston as the pioneer woman
(in one of her earliest film appearances) and Pato Hoffman. It is available on Video by Concorde/
New Horizons and by DVD released in 1999.
This DVD edition of the classic Western includes updated information on the making of the movie
as well as interviews with various actors. A great addition to your writing library, this book, when combined with How To Write A Story...Any
Story: The Art Of Storytelling, is a useful tool for any screenwriter and/or storyteller.
ISBN (10): 1-889198-03-X $11.95. More on the author, find him on the net at http://pw1.netcom.com/~druxy/cheyenne/

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