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Boat Naming Made Simple

Boat Naming Made Simple:
The Complete Book-3rd Edition
by Susan D. Artof

With its own webpage, marinegraphics.com, we are collecting names from all over the world. You can send stories directly to us and we will include them in our next edition. The book begins with a description of why we name things and how names develop. Added this edition is a section devoted to Boat Renaming; Boat Documentation; Boat Graphics (written by marine graphic expert John Marston); Superstitions; Fishing and Powerboat Names; Then, several chapters are devoted to exploring some of the greatest stories behind these names including where some of the great ships of history are today. The book is completed with a dictionary of individual names which can be used as the basis of your personal boat name.
There is a story behind every name on a boat's transom or bow, and the skipper who owns the vessel knows all of its secrets. Boat Naming Made Simple: The Complete Book explores over 5000 stories, myths and legends of some of the greatest and most unusual boats.
With a reporter's nose and a psychologist's ear for a story, Susan Artof collects names from everywhere she goes, and brings the story behind each name to life in her unique, warm writing style. Each of her own 6 boats have a name which reflects the style and tradition behind its lineage. For example, the boat Jezebel had a special hold on her husband while their recent boat Nomad became the wondering hotel for her entire family. While on a recent boat buying trip, she found a poor broken down wreck in the boatyard which needed total renovation. The boat would have been called- Phoenix - named after t.he mythical bird which rose from the ashes. But when another more stately boat was discovered, she chose that one and named it Mystic. This boat reflects the spirit of renewal. And so, these are the stories behind almost every name on a boat. If taken seriously, boat naming is an art, and this book helps to explain how this is done. As one boatyard owner confessed, naming a boat is harder than a child since the boat must express itself to the owner while a child is born with a name. For this reason, boats are sometimes unnamed for long periods of time...what a pity.

The Newest Edition Includes:
1. A major section on Power boats and their names. I've been told that 70% of the registered boat owners like speed, and these names reflect that interest.
2. Also a section on how to Rename your boat. The ceremony will delight most readers...and those who are not, well, they just don't know how to have Fun.
3. What about the Documentation process? That's another whole issue in the next edition. We have contacted the Coast Guard and have many surprises in this department.
4. And the entire world of boat lettering and graphics is covered in the next edition. John Marston, another crazy Boat Naming fan, is lent his expertise to this book with a special chapter devoted to boat lettering and graphic design which everyone can use.

For the best in graphic design tips: Marine Graphics. This is the first sign company on the web! They are doing a great job in helping customers find the right style for their name. They will make up any sign and any graphic lettering you can think of. This is a great opportunity to not only name your boat, but be creative in the process.
BOAT US also has a site for boat names with thousands of names listed in alphabetical order.
Look for Boat Naming Made Simple - 3rd edition - at your local West Marine Products Store as well as BOAT US and Boaters World.
Send us names of your boat and we will do what we can to include then in our next edition of Boat Naming Made Simple: The Complete Book

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Punch in 3119 for Boat Naming Made Simple

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