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About the Authors

Maxwell M Andler, Jr. M.D.

Susan D. Artof

Judy Burger Crane, R.N.

Michael B. Druxman

Andrea Hill, Ph.D., MFT

Wayne Allen LeVine



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About the Author:
Between 1941 and 1945 1st LT USAAC Maxwell M Andler wrote home about the life he was experiencing. At first it was the beautiful life in Manila and then the abrupt change to the horror of attack on the Philippines and later the struggle to survive in the Japanese prison camps with little food or clothing and no word from the outside world.  Although professionally trained as a Neurosurgeon in the States, LT. Andler was flung from the innocence and safety of a world just entering a war into a living nightmare.  These letters to his family and friends were his lifeline to his sanity and his words reflect the courage and humanity Dr. Andler later displayed in his medical practice in Los Angeles.

About the Editor:
Valeda Andler met her future husband Max while she was still a young nursing student and he was a returning veteran picking up his Neurosurgical residency at the USC County General Hospital.  She has carefully edited this diary so that Max’s experience and expressions of hope under adversity can resonate with a new generation of readers.  She presents “Letters Home: A Reflection of a Man’s Survival” out of love and a tribute to her husband.

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